When your workplace includes a break room that doubles as a playroom with games, toys, free drinks and food, and you have a weekly “beer bash” on Fridays, how could you not enjoy going to work? If I learned nothing else from my interview with HR Manager Amy Ducote, I learned that working for Ifbyphone—a company that manages, measures and […]

What do a fun, fast-paced environment, genuinely great people and whirly ball tournaments have in common? These are all things you are likely to encounter if you visit SWC Technology Partners in Chicago, an award-winning provider of IT solutions to midsize organizations for over 30 years. I chatted with Patrick O’Rourke, the HR Coordinator at SWC Technology Partners. Working with […]

In case you haven’t noticed, one of the themes we stress most to job seekers and future job seekers is networking. Meeting new people should be part of your weekly goals if you’re in the market for a new job, but how do you keep up with the dozens or hundreds of people you already know? “Make new friends, but […]

If you manage multiple social media platforms for the company you work for, you know how crazy it can get trying to control multiple profiles at once. This is where a unique Chicago-based company called Sprout Social comes in. Guided by a sustained love of all things social, Sprout Social is powerful social media software that helps businesses utilize the […]

Research shows that telecommuting can actually increase worker productivity and happiness, but will the trend in remote working really catch on? We caught up with Rob Rawson, the co-founder of Staff.com to hear what he thinks about the future of the telecommuting industry. Almost 1/3rd of students right now think it’s their “right” to work from home, but what kind […]

Each year, career recruiters use a variety of strategies to pool new talent from college labor markets. According to a Michigan State University study, Recruiting Trends 2013-2014, these strategies include: College job boards (82 percent) Organization job boards (68 percent) Career fairs (63 percent) Internships and co-ops (58 percent) Alumni connections Campus information sessions So what should you know about how recruiters work? What new […]

Coming from a food-conscious family, eating well has always been important to my personal life, so it was no surprise to my friends when I told them I wanted to find out about Whole Foods Corporation from the man and woman who know it all: CEO’s, John Mackey and Renee Lawson. Everything about Whole Foods is holistic and organic, so […]

Watching TV all day probably isn’t the best way to spend your time if you’re hunting for a job, but it’s good to take a break every now and then. If you find yourself in front of the tube and needing a little inspiration, check out some of our favorite moments in television. 1. Rachel on Pursuing Your Dreams Friends […]

Getting hired at a social network can be tough, so while Reddit may not be the biggest or most well-known, jobs with the website are still tough to get. Erik Martin (known as HueyPriest on Reddit) recently made a few hires for the company, and he offered up his advice for job seekers. Here’s a summary of what Erik suggests […]

The Seattle based coffee giant Starbucks has over 20,000 locations across the world, and they employ over 150,000 people, so it’s no surprise that jobs there are pretty popular. Whether you’ve considered working there or not, taking a peek inside the company gives interesting insight into how they hire and what it’s like to spend a day in a barista’s […]