The phrase, “We’re looking for someone who’s the right fit,” gets thrown around a lot in hiring these days. Everybody from startups to large corporations wants to find people who will contribute to their culture and “fit in” with the rest of their employees. While it’s true that employees who are comfortable with a company’s culture will likely stay around […]

If you’ve ever worked with a talent recruiter, you know that they can be a bit relentless. Not every recruiter is pushy or annoying, but those stereotypes are sometimes deserved. You have to understand that recruiters have an agenda, so even if they’re working to get you hired, they’re working for the employers who pay them first and foremost. That […]

Self-control is like a muscle. The more you practice it, the better you get at it when things are really challenging. You may just think this applies to athletes who are trying to get in the habit of training everyday, but no matter your profession, improving self-control and building productive habits are two of the most important traits you can […]

As the weather (at least in parts of the country) gets cooler and students head back to classrooms everywhere, that can mean only one thing: Career Fair Season is Coming. For college seniors, now is probably the best time to secure a job or final internship for next summer, so you should be taking the career fair this semester very […]

Getting hired is much more about who you know that what you know. Whether you like it or not, your professional network will likely be a bigger factor in your future salary and employability than your advanced degree, work history, or natural talent. Once you come to accept this fact, it you realize that in order to expand and deepen your network, you’re […]

There are a ton of advantages to working out, especially when you’re in the middle of job hunting. If you’re without a job or you hate the one you’re at, it’s likely that your stress levels are high, you’re having trouble sleeping, and you aren’t eating as well as you should. Fortunately, working out helps improve all three of those […]

You did the college thing, you earned the degree and you accumulated the experience. Now, you just need the job. LinkedIn is a great networking social media site that, when used in the right way, can lead to your fresh-out-of-college job. Heed the following tips, compiled from multiple sources around the web, to use LinkedIn effectively. Photo by Brett Farmiloe […]

Amanda Wilson knew that she wanted to work for Centro before she knew what Centro was. “Before I even knew what Centro did, I knew I wanted to work here,” Wilson said. “The company manifesto was everything I had been looking for in an employer.” As she was looking to move from print advertising into digital advertising, Wilson stumbled across […]

There’s no rule that says celebrities don’t have anything to teach us about getting hired or staying employed. In fact, many of them have battled through their own challenges to get where they are today, so their advice might be some of the best you’ll hear all day. Check out what these ten celebrities have to say regarding your career, […]

By now, most college career centers have realized that in order to stay relevant, they need a presence wherever students are gathering. Since social media has become one of the primary resources for college students, career centers’ presence has grown by leaps and bounds. In our first annual list of the most popular career centers by social media presence, we […]