When you think about interviewing for a job, what most likely comes to mind is a one-time interview, or possibly a few rounds of interviews before you know whether or not you got the job. But what if your interview lasted over three months? Nate Wieser, a Healthcare Sales Executive at ContextMedia, was interviewed for his position for over three […]

In the time that you have between arranging the job interview and sitting down to answer the first question, you have to become the professional persona that you have taken the time and effort to capture in your resume. Divide your time on a two-to-one ratio. For every hour that you spend on the mechanics of preparation-researching the company, your […]

As a kid, what was your answer to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up”? A firefighter? A dancer? An actor? Sometimes our dream jobs end up being what we never would have expected when we were younger. That’s what happened to Gayle Howard, Master Resume Writer and owner of TopMargin.com. “When you’re talking to room of little […]

Job boards can be very hit or miss when it comes to getting a job. You can apply to a job through a job board and never hear from the company, or apply and land your dream job. Regardless, job boards serve a great purpose: to show you jobs you never would have known about in the first place and […]

How you come across at the office depends on many factors, one of which is something you probably spend the most time on in the morning: your hair. Looking for something different? Try these 11 stylish business casual hairstyles. 1. Low Chignon Show you mean business with the sleek low-chignon, a style very much in vogue. Work a hazelnut-sized amount […]

“It IS absolutely possible to get your dream job.” Laura DeCarlo, President and Executive Director of Career Directors International, confirmed that getting your dream job is indeed something you can achieve,  with one stipulation: “you have to know how to market yourself on paper, in the job search and in person.” DeCarlo started writing while working on her graduate degree […]

When it comes to job searching, what is important to you? Whether money, work/life balance, money or geography is most important in your book, figuring out what is important to you and the ability to explain and market this to others is crucial for fresh job seekers.   I spoke with Barb Poole, the President of Hire Imaging, LLC, and a […]

Scott Adams is most well known for his wildly popular workplace comic, Dilbert, which now appears in over 2000 newspapers worldwide, but you may not know that Adams is also an entertaining and motivational writer. After stumbling on his blog a few months ago, I had to add his 2013 book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big […]

According to a recent report by Jobvite, sixty percent of job seekers are equally or more optimistic about finding a new job based on what they saw in 2014. Whether looking for a first job, or looking to make a career move, it is important to have a business card in hand every step of the way. Business cards are […]

Public speaking is one of the most important skills that job seekers can have, but you may not realize how closely linked public speaking is with interviewing. The Three Commandments of Public Speaking at the heart of my approach in The Best Public Speaking Book are directly applicable to interview success. Here are the three commandments of public speaking along with their relevance […]