A common misconception is that part-time jobs are a waste of time. People think that making a cup of coffee, waiting tables, ringing up clothes or serving as a secretary are not worth the few hours a day for minimum wage. On the contrary, part-time jobs are extremely worth it and make you stand out amongst your peers as you […]

“Karl, do you think it’s okay if my resume is 3 pages long? I mean, I really do have a lot of experience.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some variation of the above question from a young professional who just can’t seem to fit five years of work experience and four years of school onto a […]

If you’re in a position to oversee a few of your own direct reports this holiday season you may be thinking about getting them a gift. While you don’t want to go overboard, you also don’t want to be too predictable or boring. Before you get gifts for everyone, take a little time to think about the process: Are gifts […]

Higher education is great for many things, but many new graduates quickly realize that they won’t get everything handed to them quite as simply in the real world as they did on their college syllabi. In college, your professors outline their expectations, and if you do the assignments, write the papers, and perform well on the tests you’re likely to get […]

When I was in college the first thing my career adviser told me was to start looking for internships. I was only a freshman at the time, but I had been working service jobs since I was 16, so I figured I could handle a taste of the “real world.” The first internship I held ended up opening doors to two […]

One of the biggest rookie mistakes that I see people make in job interviews is trying to seem like they know more about a topic than they really do. For example, I asked a fresh graduate one time if he was familiar with jQuery, a specific web development technology. He said that he was, but as soon as I asked […]

Last week I got the chance to present my company, Packback, to a panel of judges and local startup enthusiasts at the Challenge Cup presented by 1776. Being that my current role is in engineering, I don’t get a ton of opportunities to speak publicly, but in the past I’ve done quite a bit of it, so it came back to […]

You’ve been searching for a job for weeks (maybe months) now with nothing to show for it. Have you considered re-working your approach? Here are 15 things job seekers should stop doing. 1. Losing your mojo According to Liz Ryan from forbes.com, “the most important element in your job search is your life force, or mojo.” If you get so […]

In many countries – the United States included – it is generally considered impolite or inappropriate to talk about your salary. In part, this is because our culture tends to tie a great deal of personal value to our profession and income. People who make more money don’t want to come off as snobbish and people who make less don’t want […]

The phrase, “We’re looking for someone who’s the right fit,” gets thrown around a lot in hiring these days. Everybody from startups to large corporations wants to find people who will contribute to their culture and “fit in” with the rest of their employees. While it’s true that employees who are comfortable with a company’s culture will likely stay around […]