Amanda Wilson knew that she wanted to work for Centro before she knew what Centro was. “Before I even knew what Centro did, I knew I wanted to work here,” Wilson said. “The company manifesto was everything I had been looking for in an employer.” As she was looking to move from print advertising into digital advertising, Wilson stumbled across […]

There’s no rule that says celebrities don’t have anything to teach us about getting hired or staying employed. In fact, many of them have battled through their own challenges to get where they are today, so their advice might be some of the best you’ll hear all day. Check out what these ten celebrities have to say regarding your career, […]

By now, most college career centers have realized that in order to stay relevant, they need a presence wherever students are gathering. Since social media has become one of the primary resources for college students, career centers’ presence has grown by leaps and bounds. In our first annual list of the most popular career centers by social media presence, we […]

It sounds fantastic: you wake up to your alarm, sit up a little, reach for your laptop and start your work day—from your bed. However, as great as working remotely sounds, it is not as easy as you may think. Such work requires some proper planning and organization if you want to achieve success. From my experiences of working three […]

Since Don Goodman left his job in corporate America in 2002, he’s been running his own company called About Jobs, which is hosted at Goodman’s site has garnered rave reviews from third parties and customers alike, which helped it come in 5th on our list of the top rated online resume writing services last month. We caught up with […]

A few years ago, I took a long road trip across the east coast to learn more about startups. I was just finishing up college at the time, and really wanted to know how the best ones made hiring decisions, raised funding, and built successful businesses in competitive cities like Washington D.C. and New York. Since then, I’ve worked at […]

Career Services offices provide fantastic resources to college students just starting out or for those getting ready to graduate, but what happens after you graduate? Are you just supposed to be completely on your own when it comes to getting your resume and cover letters noticed? One solution is to sign up for an online resume writing service. There are […]

For most urban office-dwellers, the briefcase has become a standard fashion accessory as well as a practical necessity. More and more of us are taking work home at night and over the weekend, and having a bag that is good looking, functional, and durable is becoming a high priority. If you’re not content to settle for the more traditional briefcase, […]

“What achievement are you most proud of so far?” “What are your greatest strengths?” “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” On the surface, these questions, and many like them that are often heard in job interviews seem to warrant completely different answers. You can read over lists of the most common interview questions all day, but when it […]

A company that is serious about what they do, but that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, Intent Media offers its employees a fun and collaborative environment where they have the flexibility to move within the company while constantly learning and growing. Ceren Nomer has worked with Intent Media for two and a half years as their Lead Recruiter. “I handle […]