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Top 10 Resume Tips for 2016

Another year is upon us, which means you might be thinking about switching jobs, but before you press ahead and hand in that old resume that bagged you your current job a few years ago, you should know that resume trends change every year. This means that what worked in 2013 probably won’t work in 2016. Recruiters are always on

The 10 Worst Cover Letter Mistakes New Grads Can Make

When hiring managers open your materials, the first thing they take a look at is your job cover letter. This means they read your letter BEFORE they take a look at your resume. If your cover letter is riddled with mistakes, there is a pretty big chance they won’t even get to your resume. According to the research done by

54 Job Boards for Entry Level Jobs

Job boards are the first place that most entry level job seekers go when they're looking for work, so it's no surprise that there are a lot of competitors in the field. Some estimate the online job board market at over $3 billion, and employers as well as job seekers often rely on job boards when they need to hire or be

We're Hiring Career Advice Writers at JobBrander

Since 2012, JobBrander has been providing entry level professionals with advice and job listings to help them make the most of their career. Now we are bringing on more freelance writers to help us provide career advice to the thousands of readers who visit our site each week. If you're a strong freelance writer with experience writing in an online medium and

45 Tips for a Perfect Entry Level Resume

Writing your first resume can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of often contradictory pieces of advice out there and the truth is that resumes are subjective. If you want to dig into more about writing great resumes and cover letters, check out Richard Bolles's book on the topic. Still, resumes seem to be a necessary evil for just about every job you

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