20 Great Twitter Accounts for Marketing Professionals to Follow

twitter-marketers-to-followTwitter is intimidating if you’re just starting to get active on the network. Sifting through the hundreds of millions of accounts – mostly spam it seems – in order to find a few dozen people actually worth following takes time and patience. Since I’ve spent a a few years on Twitter, and I’ve built good connections with a number of marketing people, I figured I would take this time to share 20 of my favorite accounts for marketers to keep an eye on:

1. Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog)

Seth Godin is awesome. His ideas about new media and startup marketing are emulated by businesses everywhere, and he literally wrote the book on relationship marketing. If you haven’t read anything of his, check out some of his books on Amazon. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

2. Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)

Chris is one of the most well-known marketers, writers, and speakers in the world of social media. His philosophy on marketing – much like Seth’s above – is focused on generating trust and cultivating relationships. His book, Trust Agents, is also worth checking out if you’re interested in learning how to develop credibility and influence on the web.

3. Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)

Guy’s 10/20/30 rule was the first thing I learned when I started entering business plan competitions in college, and his ideals of brevity and confidence over minutia have stuck with me ever since. He’s more involved in the startup world, but his ideas about building enchanting products definitely apply to marketers of all sorts. He also used to work with Apple’s evangelist team, and we all know how much that says about his marketing ability.

dan_schawbel4. Dan Schawbel (@DanSchawbel)

The king of personal branding, Dan’s blog is a must read for early-career job seekers in any industry, but especially marketing. He has been recognized repeatedly by organizations like Forbes and CareerBuilder for his work in helping new grads find employment, and is definitely worth the follow.

5. Ad Age (@AdAge)

Advertising trends are changing faster than ever thanks in part to the internet, and Ad Age is one of the best publications out there for keeping up. Web technology has made social media a huge part of marketing, but that doesn’t mean that traditional campaigns hold no weight, and Ad Age understands this reality. With marketing and advertising becoming closer and closer buddies, this account is a must-follow.

6. Social Media Today (@SocialMedia2day)

Marketing through social media is getting more and more attention, even from the traditional agencies out there, but there’s a lot of crap to cut through in order to get to the core issues. Social Media Today aggregates content from some of the best social media marketers out there and brings them together for the benefit of the community.

7. Darren Rowse (@ProBlogger)

Ever since people started talking about how blogging was a viable business option, Darren has been leading the way. In just a decade, he has built one of the most reputable resources for career bloggers and marketers alike. While plenty of the old guard will criticize sites like Darren’s for being too progressive, he’s proven them wrong again and again, and he’s worth a follow.

robert-scobel-marketer8. Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer)

When Robert Scoble joined Microsoft in 2003, they had no idea what they had in their hands. This guy dropped out of journalism school with one class left, and became one of the leading tech bloggers in the world. He’s now a partner advocate for Rackspace Hosting where he covers startups and entrepreneurship. He reshared one of my posts once, and that’s probably one of my biggest claims to fame.

9. Matt Cutts (@MattCutts)

Matt is one of Google’s top guys, and a great resource for figuring out the company’s cryptic algorithm for search engine rankings. His regular webcasts on how and why Google’s search engine works the way it does are an excellent primer for any burgeoning marketer, and his complete disregard for his own geekiness is more than entertaining. Check him out on Google+ as well.

10. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire)

A big part of marketing is knowing what and how the press thinks of your company. While public relations may technically be a different discipline, the two are closely enough related that you should follow at least a couple PR accounts. If you choose only one, PRNewswire is that one. With industry news and advice, you won’t be out of the loop when new public relations tactics hit the scene.

11. Rand Fishkin (@RandFish)

Besides having a bad ass name, Rand is the founder of SEOmoz.org, a site dedicated to helping marketers figure out how to optimize their sites for search engine traffic. With 58% of consumers consulting Google before making a purchase, you can bet that search engine optimization will be a big part of any marketing career in the future. Learn it from Rand first.

12. Jeff Bullas (@JeffBullas)

Jeff is one of those real life people who tells it like it is. Whether it’s his honest approach to telling you that your Facebook marketing really sucks, or his snarky prediction that you’re going to fail at blogging, he’s fun to follow. He’s been listed as one of the most influential social media marketers, and his tweets are an excellent blend of his own content as well as that of his influences.

alison green marketing job search13. Alison Green (@AskAManager)

When I was in college, Alison’s blog, Ask a Manager, was one of my favorite forms of entertainment (yeah, I was a nerd, okay?). Her blog isn’t just for marketers, but it’s filled with great advice for anyone who’s going to look for a job…everso it’s worth tuning in to read her posts occasionally. Like her blog, her Twitter account is filled with good advice, so follow along for the ride.

14. Mark Schaefer (@MarkWSchaefer)

Mark was active in the marketing and social media community in Tennessee when I lived there, and continues to provide some great advice on his blog. He has the experience and the credentials to back up every word, and he’s got a fun side as well.

15. Ryan Holmes (@Invoker)

Ryan’s creation, Hootsuite, has become one of the go-to tools in social media marketing. While Hootsuite is a great company in its own right, Ryan’s Twitter account holds much more in store as he conveys some solid advice for marketers looking to build up their social media presence.

16. David Newman (@DNewman)

David’s is another name in relationship marketing that you need to know. His blog is filled with solid advice for gaining and retaining customers, and he has been featured across the media in both print and digital over the years. While many of his ideas are directed at entrepreneurs, they certainly hold true across the board for marketing professionals.

17. Jenn Pedde (@JPedde)

Jenn is one of the most respected community managers in the industry, and has been recognized for good reason. I have worked with Jenn and got to meet her last time I was in Manhattan, so I can also add my personal recommendation to the mix. Her site, The Community Manager, has some awesome advice for marketers who want to build a social buzz around their products, and she’s definitely worth taking the time to follow.

anna rydne18. Anna Rydne (@CoSkills)

I connected with Anna – a native of my homeland, Sweden – earlier this year, and have thoroughly appreciated her contributions on her blog, Communicate [Your] Skills. Lately she has been very focused on advice for job seekers as well, so she’s definitely worth following if you’re in the market for a new position.

19. Christopher Penn (@CSPenn)

Chris’ position at SHIFT Communications in Boston affords him much deserved notoriety, and his personal blog is also worth checking out. His latest article may make him look like a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but don’t get turned off, he’s got some fun and interesting things to say.

20. Brian Clark (@CopyBlogger)

Over the past several years, Brian has been building a massive following thanks to his content marketing efforts. Blogging is still a word that freaks some companies out, but for Brian it’s a way of life, and he’s got some very smart things to say about the industry. Like many of the people on this list, he’s focused on building trust and brand integrity in today’s highly connected world. Be sure to check him out, and let him know you like his stuff.

Have you found some Twitter accounts that you’d like to see added to this list? Tweet @TheJobBrander, leave a comment here, or email me, and happy following!

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